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Teenage Addictions
Have you recognized, “my child is having addiction issues”. If so, help is available.

We offer addiction counseling for teenagers and adults. If your teenager is addicted to drugs, addicted to alcohol, or has an addiction to pornography, we can help.

Help for teenage drug addiction
​Have you noticed behaviors of addiction in your child? Have you noticed your teenager is neglecting responsibilities, increasing risky behavior, causing fights, becoming withdrawn, or getting into legal trouble. If you have been approached by a principal at your child’s school, or are following up after your child has become involved with the police, our addictions counselors can help. We will help your teenager to find the causes behind their addiction. Together , we can help your teenager work towards resolving the causes that are driving them to addiction to drugs, alcohol or pornography. Do you suspect that the addiction is related to depression or anxiety? We can help with a comprehensive approach that considers the range of factors, which may be feeding the addiction. The casual atmosphere at Sweet Emotions Counseling will give your teenager a safe place to confront their behavior, and make better choices for the future.

Our counseling techniques
At Sweet Emotions Counseling, we use a evidence based therapy techniques: For your teenager, as well as for every client, we tailor treatment planning to best meet your teenager’s needs. Your child has a future and addiction doesn’t have to hold them back. Learn more about our counseling methods here.

We will tailor a therapy program for your teenager
​If needed, we offer interventions, 12 step facilitation, and intensive outpatient care.If you think, “my son is a drug addict” or “my daughter is having addiction issues”, get started by calling us today: 479.271.2120, or just fill out the form, click and send [click here]. Sweet Emotions Counseling is located in Bentonville, and offers addiction treatment for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction, in addition to addiction to sex or pornography. We can also help with anger management issues [Click here].

If you have a child, or friend in trouble, do not hesitate to call today. We are here to help. 479.871.5426