Kenneth Davis: Testimonials

"Kenneth's willingness to learn, and adapt to every single client is admirable. His participants are saddened by his departure, and this is due to Kenneth's ability to be nonjudgmental, creative, compassionate, and his ability to implement various counseling theories. Kenneth is an individual with an immense amount of talent that can be utilized in various environments, and he would be an asset to any individual afforded the opportunity to work with him" - Antonio Coleman, Director of Children's Services, PPL: New Foundations, St. Paul, MN.

​" Mr. Davis has demonstrated a high degree of creativity and clinical skills in his post-master's art therapy training work with clients and families struggling with co-occuring disorders. Kenneth was a very engaged student/professional who effectively used his curiosity and sense of humor to attune to the learning and therapeutic environments. He also conveyed a strong awareness of professional ethics." - Craig Balfany, Art Therapy Program Director at Adler Graduate School. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"Kenneth, Thank you for sharing your inspiring story of overcoming your own addiction, and being able to use this experience to help others. I relate to your story, as I too have been through some rough patches with regards to my own mental health, but have found ways to recover, and this has lead to my feeling more able to help others through recovery. I believe we all struggle with imbalances in our lives and must find ways of achieving this, one fundamental is in the relationships a person has available to them. The relationship between a person in recovery and their experience with their therapist has the potential to be significant and transformative. I believe that the best therapists are the ones who take a position of empathy, and who themselves are open to transformation and learning. I believe that taking a starting point of being able to identify with and understand sets up a more equal and authentic relationship: Removing barriers from human connection. You have inspired me to adopt a more personal and honest style to my work. Many thanks for this!- Kate Guscott, Art Therapist, Action for Children, and  St. Vincents Family Center; Orange County, CA

"Mr. Davis is one of the most interesting people I know in the field. This fellow is qualified in many various disciplines of the recovery chain, and as a peer, and friend, I am thrilled to a part of his life. If one is in need of services or a client needing continuing care I highly recommend Kenneth." - Harry Ivy, SA Counselor at Conmed Healthcare Management

"What a story! You are an amazing human being to have gone through what you have and come out of it to be in a helping profession! You are helping those people who really need it and you know firsthand what they are going through. It's funny, I'm connecting more and more with people who have had design careers, myself included, and then go into art therapy. I am currently working with a PhD student (former art director) on her dissertation. I am the art therapist who facilitates the intervention and we are working with women who have cancer. It's so funny because we are all such perfectionists when it comes to designing projects for our patients to complete. They love it though because they come away with a successful transitional object. That's how we roll in medical art therapy -- it's important to lift patients' egos when they are sick and dying."
- Maureen Vita, MA, ATR-BC, LPC; Art Therapist at Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia 


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