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Anger Management
We provide Anger Management individual sessions in our Bentonville office. Our focus is on your personal development. No matter what brings you to Sweet Emotions Counseling, whether it be personal need, a request from a loved one, or an order from the court, our anger management services can help you learn how to control your anger.

Individual Sessions vs. Court Mandated Group Sessions
It's your time, and your individual problem... why not be able to set your schedule and be involved in your individualized treatment plan? In Anger Management sessions, we will help you to find root causes your anger, and teach you coping skills you can actually use instead of bullying your way through life. You will learn new techniques for dealing with stress and preventing angry outbursts. Our sessions will help you to understand how your anger affects others, and help you learn to react differently in stressful situations. You can control your anger and learn to communicate better to improve your relationships: Family members, co-workers, and "innocent victims".

​Certified National Anger Management Specialists
Sweet Emotion counselor, Kenneth Davis and is recognized by the court system across the United States for court mandated anger management counseling. Kenneth has an Anger Management Specialist-I Certification from the National Anger Management Association. Your sessions will count towards your court ordered anger management requirements. Upon completion we will give you a letter and certificate that you can take back to court to demonstrate that you have met court ordered anger management counseling. To get started on anger management classes, call now: 479.871.5426, or just fill out the form, click, send. [click here]