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You Can Quit Drinking Alcohol, Drugs and other Addictions
Are you trying to quit drinking alcohol, or using drugs? Was a DWI, or other legal issue, a wake up call to your alcohol problem? Have your family, employer, or friends told you that you have an alcohol addiction? We can help! Whether counseling is court ordered, or a big personal step towards recovery, we will support you as you conquer your alcohol, or drug addiction: Quit drinking alcohol, and enjoy sobriety. We can help you as you quit drinking alcohol and get your life back on track. In therapy, together, we will discover the cause of your alcohol or other addiction. We will help you heal the causes of your alcoholism, identify triggers, make healthy choices, and help you recognize the triggers of relapse. In addition, if you have an accompanying conditions such as anxiety, or any other co-ocuring disorder, we can help. It important to remember that if you need help for an alcohol, drug, and other addictions, you will be giving something up; however, we strive to work at your pace: Meeting you where you are currently in your journey. At Sweet Emotions, we know addiction, and specialize in it. Our counselors all have Masters Degrees in Addiction Counseling, and they are all in recovery themselves. In other words, we have been there... lost, and looking through sites like this for help.

What does Addiction look like?

There are many forms of addiction: Alcohol and drugs come to mind, however, at Sweet Emotions, we do not only treat these addictions. We also help people with eating disorders, gambling addiction, computer and video game addiction. We also see anger as sometimes being an addictive disorder. There are many people who can do above mentioned activities socially, and we have no problem with that. However, when the substance, substances, or activities becomes the focus of your life, and you begin to see social or physical consequences with no attempt to change behavior, or fail at personal efforts to change behavior: This can definitely be a red flag. 

Addiction treatment support: Your life can become better! 
Reading this page is already the first step. Counseling for alcohol and other addictions can help you to resolve the causes of your addiction and prevent a relapse. If you are attending Alcoholics Anonymous or another group support program, we can enhance your efforts with continued individual therapy at our Bentonville practice. Not everyone gets sober through Alcoholics Anonymous, and we are willing to meet you where you are with individualized experiential therapies: Art Therapy, iLS Music Therapy, and Equine-Assited-Therapy. Therapy can help you deal with the underlying issues behind your addiction. Learn more about what you can expect at Sweet Emotions Counseling. If there is a need, we offer intensive outpatient care, four to six hours a day, three to five days a week, for three or four weeks. Get help today! To get help for alcohol addiction, drug addiction or other addictions, call now: 479-871-5426, or just fill out the form and click, send. [click here for form]. M
ake this the first of many awesome days to come.

When can we meet?

Knowing that many people have nine to five jobs, we do our best to
accommodate your busy schedule. With that in mind, we gladly meet with clients after work during the week, in addition to weekend sessions.

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