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Sweet Emotions is a substance abuse and mental health private practice serving all of NW Arkansas: Fayetteville, Arkansas. Rogers, Arkansas. Springdale, AR. Lowell, AR. Cave Springs, AR.

Springdale,  Arkansas




1333 Arapaho, Suite A,

Springdale, AR  72764

Offering treatment, counseling, and

education through the latest clinical


Addiction Education

Addiction Treatment

Relapse Prevention and Treatment

Family and Relationship Addiction Education

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Art Therapy

Adlerian Individual Psychology

Addiction  Crisis Interventions

Alcohol, Drug, and Anger Assessments

​Anger Management including Court Mandated 

Experiential  Therapy

Play Therapy

​Sand Tray Therapy

​Trauma Therapies

With empathy and care, we specialize in meeting the client where they are in their journey. 

At Sweet Emotions Counseling, you can expect a comfortable atmosphere with real people that understand you and your substance abuse, mental health, marriage, and/or anger management issues. We aim to help you overcome any addiction and mental health issues, which have lead you to... see more

get help for addictions:

Are you trying to quit drinking alcohol? Was a DWI or other legal issue a wake up call to your alcohol problem? Have your family, employer, or friends told you that you have an problem with alcohol or drugs? I… see more

art therapy:

Who can benefit from Art Therapy? The short answer is anyone. Clients reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce grief, anxiety or depression, as well as increase self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-reliance. A goal of art therapy is to improve, or restore, a client’s functioning, and their sense of personal well-being. One need not be an "artist", or even believe they have.. see more

anger management:
I provide anger management group classes and individual sessions in our office. Our focus is on your personal development. No matter what brings you to our classes, whether it be personal need, a request from a loved one, or an order…see more

teenage addictions:
Have you recognized, “my child is having addiction issues”. If so, help is available. We offer addiction counseling for teenagers and adults. If your teenager is addicted to drugs, addicted to alcohol, or has an addiction to pornography, we can help. Help for teenage drug… see more

family and relationship addiction and mental health education:

Addiction is a family disease. Whether it is a father, husband, wife, mother, son, daughter, or girlfriend, addiction affects everyone... see more

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